Fancy something different to Polo Shirts? Look no further! Cotton rugby shirts that give you that traditional, elegant look and feel. White collars, rubber buttons, your club colours and your club badge makes for an outstanding piece of club merchandise. Be proud of the rugby roots and don the classic!

We make these shirts from a traditional weight Cotton mixed with a small amount of polyester to ensure they survive those messy times at the clubhouse. Don’t worry though, they feel like 100% cotton. Designs are created using the traditional cut & sew method which means you can add in your club colours and more importantly, it keeps the cost and minimum orders down.

There are lots of designs to choose from and we can even create one of your own if you prefer. Perhaps you could replicate the match shirt? We have different collar and placket options for you also just in case you don’t fancy a completely traditional look. 20 stock colours to choose from to ensure you can offer club pride in the design.

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